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According to the Federation of Small Businesses and National Business Communications, six out of ten small business owners know nothing about conventional landlines being switched off at the end of December 2025. It’s the end of the traditional business telephone systems that many of us take for granted.

Are you on of them? Get ahead of the switch off with Tech4.

You’ve probably had enough to be dealing with in recent years – the pandemic, cost of living, energy bills, recruitment – but the move to digital and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone systems across the UK is something that should be on your planning list.

And Tech4 Office Equipment can help.

We’re working with a specialist partner to make sure that we can offer customers across Cumbria and the North West a great deal on upgrading your business phone system to hosted VOIP.

The benefits of a VOIP phone system for small businesses

A shift to digital with hosted VOIP business telephone systems isn’t just about making things easier for the BTs of this world. There are advantages for small businesses too.

  • Cloud telephony – or VOIP phone systems – are flexible. Wherever your team are working – office, home or on the road – they’ll be able to access messages and information and you’ll be able to contact them. Great for flexible working.
  • Call recording and integration with your CRM is part of the system. So, you can meet regulatory needs and make the most of the telephone contacts in your business.
  • Hosted VOIP systems are easily integrated. With a cloud-based infrastructure, you can synchronise mobile phones and email services too.
  • Small businesses can save money with a VOIP phone system. Charges tend to be based on a monthly contract fee rather than charging by the minute, hardware costs tend to be lower and the flexibility on adding lines doesn’t come with big costs. You’ll also be able to access detailed reporting and real time call statistics.
  • A VOIP business phone system is scalable. Adding or taking away connections and extensions is much simpler with fewer or no hardware changes.

We’re also finding that most businesses are able to keep their existing phone numbers and internal extensions with a new system, if they plan ahead.

As a Cumbria-based specialist, the team at Tech4 Office Equipment understands the local infrastructure and how best to plan for contingencies so that you get continuity of service at all times. It’s another great reason to go with a local supplier.

So, if you’re a business in Cumbria or elsewhere in the North West, please contact us and we can reassure you, advise on some options and then work with you in the months ahead.

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Why switch to VOIP business phones?

The UK’s switched telephone network (also known as PSTN) will be switched off on 31 December 2025. Basically, it’s becoming unfeasible for BT and its partners to maintain both the PSTN and the digital infrastructure for internet. By the end of 2025, everything will need to be delivered via a full-fibre infrastructure.

That’s going to be challenging enough for small businesses, schools and other organisations across Cumbria, even in some areas of Carlisle and the other key centres. The Tech4 Office Equipment team can help you to be prepared, to plan ahead and to make the necessary changes to your equipment and contracts in plenty of time.

We’re happy to have a chat about this. We can point you to other sources of information and advice. And we’d love to talk to you about creating your new phone system.

Please get in touch and let’s sort out a VOIP business phone system that gives you all the benefits of that digital future with Tech4's renowned customer service.

If we sound like the sort of VOIP partner you need,
get in touch and let’s talk

If we sound like the sort of VOIP partner you need,
get in touch and let’s talk

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