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Visitor Management Systems in Carlisle, Cumbria

Visitor Management Systems

Keeping Cumbria businesses and staff secure

Commercial security for businesses and safeguarding in schools are big responsibilities. Working with a partner like Tech4 Office Equipment means you’ll have reliable advice from the start. You can have confidence in a sign in system that’s fit for purpose, professional, cost effective and GDPR compliant. We’ve also adapted existing systems across Cumbria and the North of England for effective COVID-19 Track and Trace logging too.

A growing number of clients in business and in education have installed Tech4’s equipment and systems in recent years. We’ve done our homework and specialise in designing, installing and maintaining our own visitor management equipment and systems in a range of environments.

Key benefits include:

  • Safe – reassurance about safeguarding and an essential part of your fire evacuation procedures
  • Secure – looking after the digital information from your visitors and others on site
  • Simple – straightforward to operate with minimum hassle and tailored for your situation.

And our systems are surprisingly cost effective, even when compared with paper-based alternatives.

Simple Sign-In

with a system that works

Whether you’re welcoming visitors, tracking staff across your site or safeguarding students on campus, your visitor management system needs to do several tasks and it needs to do them well.

  • Make signing in as welcoming and as simple as possible – you need your process to be straightforward, thorough, fast and secure.
  • Create clear documentation – not only ID badges and passes but also accurate fire drill lists at the touch of a button, even accessible remotely on your phone from outside.
  • Tick all the boxes – from reliable safeguarding on your site to accuracy for health and safety records, from data protection and GDPR compliance to clear and cost-effective ID and badge printing
School Visitor Management Systems in Carlisle, Cumbria

Partnership with Tech4

to keep it current

Tech4 Office Equipment offers cost effective consumables, reliability (as well as maintenance when you need it), great local Cumbrian service and advice on how best to develop your approach. Our expertise in these systems means we can help you to anticipate new requirements and make the most of the latest technology.

At Tech4, we pride ourselves on working with our clients so that they have the office equipment they need to get on with the job in hand.  Whether its printers, copiers, digital signage or visitor management and sign in systems, you can rely on our advice and our service.

If we sound like the sort of office equipment supplier you need,
get in touch and let’s talk

If we sound like the sort of office equipment supplier you need,
get in touch and let’s talk

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We are a family business, based in Carlisle, built on the core values of honesty, integrity and a team ethos. Those values have earned Tech4 Office Equipment a great reputation for reliability, clear contracts, great prices and excellent service.

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