UV Air Purifiers

For Schools & Workplaces

UV Air Purifiers for Schools and Offices in Carlisle, Cumbria

UV Air Purifiers

For Schools & Workplaces in Cumbria

A UV air purifier for Covid and other airborne virus protection makes a lot of sense as we try to return to a new sense of normality. Our range of fixed and portable UV light disinfection solutions are a useful weapon in the fight against a resurgence of the pandemic.

In a typical Cumbrian winter they become especially useful when weather, temperature and rising energy prices make people less inclined to fully ventilate indoor spaces.

How The UV Light Air Purifiers Work

For your office or school

A small fan forces air to circulate through the unit. Air is pulled in at the bottom of the unit and pushed up through the interior of the UV disinfection lamp itself. Exposure to UV-C light damages the DNA of viruses, bacteria, mould and fungus particles rendering them inert and unable to reproduce or trigger infection. The disinfected/sterilised air is pushed out as clean air at the top.

UV-C light is harmful to people and animals, so the design of these units doesn't allow the light from the UV lamps to escape when people are around. Both the The Defender and Custodian can be used in rooms that are constantly occupied. In these models the light is permanently shielded and needs a hex key to open the unit for maintenance or cleaning. We can also order a third model, The Sentinel, which has a removable cover so it can be used to disinfect surfaces when people are out of the room.

We recommend these room air purifiers with UVC light for use in personal service settings such as beauty salons, health care practices, hotels, restaurants, local government offices, educational and care facilities. They can also be purchased for private use. The units can also have a HEPA filter fitted to further improve air quality by removing dust and other particles from the room.

These designs are capable of eliminating troublesome viruses and microbes from 110 to 160 m3 of air per hour, depending on the power rating chosen


This is a wall mounted ultraviolet light air purifier which comes in 72W & 144W versions. The Defender is designed be used safely in rooms that are occupied most of the time.

DEFENDER UV-C units are wall mounted and connected with a plug or wired directly into a fused switched spur socket.

Both the 72W and 144W versions have a lamp usage counter, adjustable fan speed and free-standing foot plate.

Efficiency and safety in use

The design of the luminaire interior ensures perfect air flow and the highest level of disinfection efficiency. The Defender luminaire is equipped with protection against opening. Removing the top cover requires a hex key.

Defender luminaires are available with a 3-metre power cord and without a cord (the so-called investment version).


  • Body: steel, powder coated in white
  • Ingress protection class: IP20
  • Maximum area (cubic capacity) of a room to be flow disinfected is approx. 75 m3
  • Dust filter
  • Compartment for a HEPA filter

Version Wall-mounted (with cord) Wall-mounted (with cord)

Power: 72W/144W

Life of UV-C lamp: 9000h/9000h

Plug: UK 13A/UK 13A

Cable Length: 3m/3m

Switch: +/+

Protection Class: I/I

Supply Voltage: 220-240V/220-240V

Weight (kg): 3.5/3.5

Order Code: AMD72C/AMD144C


The Custodian is our portable UV-C air purifier & surface disinfection solution and is available in a 72W version.

 Like the Defender, the Custodian can be fitted with a HEPA filter.

Single function, air disinfection with UV-C light 

The Custodian is an effective portable solution to the problem of air disinfection in busy rooms.  where naked UV-C light cannot be used when staff or visitors are in the space, but there is a need for UV disinfection of surfaces during empty periods. 

Careful reading of the user manual is required before use.


  • Body colour: white matt body, galvanised silver front
  • Ingress protection class: IP20
  • The maximum volume of the disinfected room during air flow disinfection is about 50 m3
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Power cord 3m

Power: 72W

Life of UV-C lamp: 9000h/9000h

Plug: UK 13A/13A

Cable Length: 3m/3m

Switch: +/+

Protection Class: I/I

Supply Voltage: 220-240V/220-240V

Weight (kg): 6.6/6.6

Order Code: AMST72

If we sound like the sort of office equipment supplier you need,
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If we sound like the sort of office equipment supplier you need,
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