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Printer Leasing in Carlisle, Cumbria

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Talk to the team at Tech4 for clear advice on printer leasing in Carlisle, Cumbria and beyond.

Whatever the scale or stage of your business, whatever your budget, a rental or lease arrangement with Tech4 Office Equipment could be just the answer to your printing requirements.

Leasing a printer is a cost effective and tax efficient solution with Tech4's flexible lease agreements. Tech4 can offer a wide range of printers from multiple manufacturers. Not only that, but we can also monitor your printers remotely and even get toners and ink cartridges to you before you realise, they are running out!

Enjoy the benefits of a leased print solution that is tailored for your business.

Why look elsewhere for printer leasing in and around Carlisle? Your office printer lease could be a short-term fix or part of a longer-term agreement. It’s not just about what you need now, but also what your print needs and support requirements might be in the future.

Multi-Functional printer leasing made simple

Multi-function machines have blurred the distinction between printers and photocopiers. From simple black and white text print to full colour image and graphic output, Tech4 can help you find the lease options and printing solutions for your business.

Take the next step: talk to the team at Tech 4 Office – we know printers and copiers inside out. We know what solutions our manufacturers have in the pipeline and we understand how our customers’ office printing needs are changing too. Together we can devise a printer or photocopier leasing approach that will serve you well, keeping hassles and costs to a minimum and maximising the benefits.

With our managed print service too, you can track the details of what you’re printing and your costs, so that we can tweak your agreement in future to be the best for your business.

Printer Leasing Options in Carlisle, Cumbria

Typical leases and rental agreements

Sometimes it helps to know what your print needs really are, especially before you speak to any printer or photocopier leasing company. So that we can talk in detail about a printer leasing solution that’s best for you, it pays to have a clear picture:

Keep a record of your print needs and numbers – All A4 or do you need A3 too? How often does your team need double-sided printing? What’s the mix of black and white or colour? Just how many copies are you making per hour? Per day? Per month?

Assess the type of machine you need - What’s the split between printing and copying on your current multi-purpose printer? Does your team use it as a scanner too? How much space does it have? How is it connected into your network? Are print speeds critical? Printers have a huge range of pages per minute and it’s worth knowing how important this is before you choose a printer or photocopier.

Useful extras on a leased printer – If you’re investing time in a new leased machine, are there finishing options that would be useful (binding, double-sided, folding etc)? Should we include a managed printing service or remote monitoring into your service package?

Be aware that remote monitoring doesn’t just give you and us more information on your printing, it also helps us to anticipate maintenance and servicing needs. It’s all about keeping your printer up and running efficiently and whenever you need it.

“We also have clients where environmental and power usage factors are critical or where consumables need to be as green as possible. It’s all part of the picture and that’s the reason why, to be honest, there’s no typical printer lease of rental agreement. Everyone’s different.”

So please give us a call and let’s talk about what you need for your business – and your printing.

If we sound like the sort of printer leasing you need,
get in touch and let’s talk

If we sound like the sort of printer leasing you need,
get in touch and let’s talk

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