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Document Management Solutions in Carlisle, Cumbria

Document Management Solutions with DocuWare in Cumbria

Take the next steps to a digital future

Tech4 Office Equipment knows all about creating documents – whether printed or copied. And we also recognise the digital trend to hybrid workplaces, home working, (almost) paperless offices and automated processes.

As a DocuWare partner in Cumbria, we can support your business as it moves to implement digital systems, cloud storage and efficient document management systems. Using one of the best software tools available, DocuWare, we can help you make digital improvements that will work for you, your team, and your customers.

Why DocuWare for Cumbrian SMEs and enterprises?

DocuWare has been automating and streamlining business processes for more than 30 years. The system is now used worldwide by more than 15,000 companies. It’s all about capturing, communicating, and storing a company’s most important and most useful business information and documents.

Whether you’re looking for a straightforward, tried, and tested document management solution or you’re investing to automate your workflows, DocuWare’s Kinetic Solutions software could be just what you need.

  • Easy automation of time-consuming manual tasks to ensure accuracy and save time and money
  • Secure file storage and access, whatever your file formats, meeting data protection requirements
  • Avoiding the confusion of paper-based systems and duplicate copies
  • Reduced paper use, improving sustainability
  • Clear workflow processes and document management systems all in one software solution with clear audit trails
  • Built-in migration of key digital documents and information to cloud-based storage.
Document Management Software in Carlisle, Cumbria

What’s the scope for a Cumbrian SME?

DocuWare Kinetic Solutions can be implemented across your whole workflow – document capture, processing, distribution, indexing and archiving.

Security is at the heart of the platform.

DocuWare has a wide range of collaboration tools, and it manages all the access rights of your users, document owners and administrators. That means you can control who sees which digital files, who can make updates and who decides on storage and archiving.

And DocuWare has developed to work with your existing platforms, file types, mobile apps and editing software too. Microsoft Office 365 is the obvious integration and the implementation of DocuWare has been seamless.

Why DocuWare with Tech4 Office Equipment?

We’ve been supporting Cumbria’s SMEs and businesses with document solutions for decades and, as the trend has moved from print to digital, we’ve adapted too.  Working with DocuWare means our customers can store documents securely in the cloud and access them anywhere.

The built-in security ensures that all record management is handled securely, providing protection of personal data and a clear audit trail of usage. Tech4 are here to help you create the document management system that works for you.

“DocuWare is a great tool and Kinetic Solutions are about adapting to create business benefits, keeping things simple and improving workflows. We’ve invested in training for our implementation team so that you see those benefits in your organisation. Tech4 provides all the support you’ll need, from planning and digitising to automating storage and training your own people.”
Paul Thorburn, Tech4 Office Equipment

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If we sound like the sort of office equipment supplier you need,
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If we sound like the sort of office equipment supplier you need,
get in touch and let’s talk

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